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Whether you believe in it or not, whether you’d use the word “prayer” or some other more secular descriptor, you are praying for what you’re saying. Your words matter. Every single sound that comes out of your mouth, ever, contributes to your reality. Your ears hear all of it. And most of the time, other […]
Back when I was an actor, I noticed an odd phenomenon about the memorization of my lines. In preparation for a show, it never troubled me to memorize long bits of dialogue or song. I had a little method I devised for myself of tape-recording everyone else’s lines, leaving space for my own. I’d play […]
I had my tea leaves read once in Salem. I think I was in high school. I don’t remember anything about the reading I received. I know I didn’t leave thinking I had experienced either a revelation or a fraud. Just $20 worth of entertainment and a nice cup of tea. For those who don’t […]
In my 20 years as a performer, I did everything from singing to stand-up comedy. Stage manager to costume designer. Choreographer to chorus dancer. Producer to production manager. I’ve done my time on the boards. I loved it all, really. It’s hard work and much longer hours than anyone might suspect. But it was a […]
Think about your roles. How many of them do you have? How many hats are you wearing? Are you a parent, a teacher, a manager, a maker? Are you a sibling, cousin, friend? These are our roles in life. These roles come with responsibilities. How’s that going for you? What do your roles ask of […]