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What exactly is a transcendent experience? To transcend means to go beyond expectation. To go past what has previously been experienced. To transcend is to evolve as a result of either a single powerful moment or a series of transformative experiences, or both. Like a light bulb over our heads or a ground-breaking discovery. An […]
This upcoming week, we celebrate and honor the harvest. We recognize the miraculousness that we have the knowledge to grow and gather nourishment. It is a miracle that we have the technology to feed the entire world — once we’re ready. When humanity has evolved to the point where it empowers people rather than suppresses […]
A world begins in fits and starts. There are many legends of the beginnings of this world, and of every thing, even the beginning of light. The creation of a world, in both the literal and metaphoric sense, is fraught with success and failure. But is failure something that goes wrong, or something that goes […]
In my own faith tradition, Unitarian Universalism, we have a series of seven principles that guide our actions and hearts. As this country steps forward into what will likely prove to be one of the most contentious presidential election weeks in our country’s history, the fifth principle, in particular, seems most relevant. The words of […]
The ritual of walking across hot coals, or firewalking, is a spiritual act recorded as far back as the Iron Age, but it comes from traditions much older than written records. It is a rite of passage, a test of strength, and of faith. One walks barefoot across a lengthy pad of red-hot burning embers. […]
Don’t be afraid of the dark — embrace it
Adversity is the mother of intention — use it