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Back when I was an actor, I noticed an odd phenomenon about the memorization of my lines. In preparation for a show, it never troubled me to memorize long bits of dialogue or song. I had a little method I devised for myself of tape-recording everyone else’s lines, leaving space for my own. I’d play […]
I had my tea leaves read once in Salem. I think I was in high school. I don’t remember anything about the reading I received. I know I didn’t leave thinking I had experienced either a revelation or a fraud. Just $20 worth of entertainment and a nice cup of tea. For those who don’t […]
In my 20 years as a performer, I did everything from singing to stand-up comedy. Stage manager to costume designer. Choreographer to chorus dancer. Producer to production manager. I’ve done my time on the boards. I loved it all, really. It’s hard work and much longer hours than anyone might suspect. But it was a […]
Think about your roles. How many of them do you have? How many hats are you wearing? Are you a parent, a teacher, a manager, a maker? Are you a sibling, cousin, friend? These are our roles in life. These roles come with responsibilities. How’s that going for you? What do your roles ask of […]
Repent! The end is near! Of course, it always is. We are constantly ending things and beginning new ones. Sometimes the new thing looks a lot like the old thing, but it never is completely. So did the thing evolve, or end and re-begin? There’s a word in the field of religious study with a […]