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I am an optimist. And not just your average glass-is-half-full kind of optimist either. I am the glass-is-overflowing type. I’m not sure where it came from exactly. My family are not particularly noted for either their pessimism or optimism, so it’s not likely that it stemmed from that (although I acknowledge it was not prevented […]
There is a long-held belief that sacrifice is the pathway to all accomplishments, ranging from high-school diplomas to eternal salvation. These are the types of things that are accomplished through sacrifice. In the sense that the word is being used here, meaning that sometimes they gave up parties they really, really wanted to go to […]
I can’t think of anything I’d like more for Christmas than joy for this world, who has been through so much of late. This saddened and wicked world, full of disease and dis-ease, both. Wounds of the heart so deep even the light cannot penetrate them. Sorrows resting quietly inside and unknown. Likely to be […]
What exactly is a transcendent experience? To transcend means to go beyond expectation. To go past what has previously been experienced. To transcend is to evolve as a result of either a single powerful moment or a series of transformative experiences, or both. Like a light bulb over our heads or a ground-breaking discovery. An […]
This upcoming week, we celebrate and honor the harvest. We recognize the miraculousness that we have the knowledge to grow and gather nourishment. It is a miracle that we have the technology to feed the entire world — once we’re ready. When humanity has evolved to the point where it empowers people rather than suppresses […]