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Wil Darcangelo is on vacation. This column was originally published in 2017. Do not despair. You have been told. So don’t do it. But, of course, it’s easier said than done. And what is despair? It’s not merely sadness. It is deeper than sadness. It’s the persistent belief that sadness is your new permanent mailing […]
Why do bad things happen? Do bad things happen for good reasons? Is there a hidden benevolence in all things? For spiritual teachings to have any value, they must have a practical, human relevance. They must look like us and empathize with our feelings. It can’t be all about the heavens. All worthwhile religious traditions […]
How does appreciation configure into our well-being? There is a distinct ring of upward trajectory in the word “appreciate.” It’s from the late-Latin adprentium, meaning “to price.” It’s a business term. When we set something at a price, when we assess personal value and give it a monetary equivalent, we are declaring something. Something deeply […]
What is it that really makes a difference in the world? What is it that changes something from an impossible situation to an ideal one? What is it that takes a few small, scattered rainstorms and coheres them together into a perfect storm? It takes just one small updraft of air at just the right […]
What is your general rule of thumb when spending money? For most of us, we buy what’s convenient, affordable and has a level of quality to it that we are willing to sacrifice to various degrees according to convenience and affordability. You get what you pay for. That’s how we shop, almost all of us, […]