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Over the last couple of decades, I’ve seen too many prospective retirees make the same three mistakes over and over again. It’s incredibly frustrating and painfully predictable, but it doesn’t need to be like this. So, I’d like to take an opportunity to address three of the most common and costly mistakes and help you […]
There has long been a basic principle regarding market investing that has become almost ecclesiastical canon: You can’t time the market. Like many basic truths, it has led to many other religious doctrines, some of which are either patently false or ridiculous on their face. And yet we accept them as undisputable truth. Like so […]
Perhaps nothing in the financial world is more misused and misunderstood by the general public than the notion of rates of return. Financial managers and media frequently tout these numbers as if they were the bottom-line consideration for every investment decision. Here’s an idea for you to chew on: For retirement income planning concerns, rates […]
Annuities often get a bum rap, generally from market-based planners who view them as a threat, or other financial advisers that don’t really understand them very well. However, once you do understand how they work, it’s easy to see why nearly everyone would want them as a component of their portfolio. Notice I wrote “component.” […]
Evil commissions vs noble fees