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It isn’t just Friday that’s black — Duke, a youthful German shepherd currently at Lowell Humane Society is a gorgeous guard dog with a pitch-black coat and an intriguing story: He walked all the way to New England from West Virginia.
Hail Caesar! This pumpkin-orange tomcat is an emperor of affection waiting to go home with you. Currently at Manchester Animal Shelter (NH), Caesar is a purr-fect Hallowe’en kitty with his gorgeous stripes and white mittens. He’s five years old and loves receiving affectionate petting from his people. Unlike most cats, he adores having his belly […]
It’s unusual to find a kitty advertised as good with other cats, and cat-friendly dogs and children, but Bob — not “Robert” — is just the guy to blend in anywhere.
These peppy little fish, also known as Siamese Fighting fish are customarily kept as solo pets. The main colors include: blue, red, turquoise, yellow, white and orange — and there are numerous patterns, not to mention a variety of tail designs.