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These peppy little fish, also known as Siamese Fighting fish are customarily kept as solo pets. The main colors include: blue, red, turquoise, yellow, white and orange — and there are numerous patterns, not to mention a variety of tail designs.
LOWELL — The doctor is in! How could we not post the dignified and charismatic Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz on Father’s Day? Currently in residence at Lowell Humane Society, volunteers report he has a ton of personality, particularly when his food bowl is empty.
Handsome is in good health, and volunteers report he is affectionate, but not yet a lap cat. With his gray and white coat, he is formally dressed for all occasions and is looking for a home where he can be a top cat.
Say “Hi” to Ivy — a chocolate Lab/retriever mix currently at Second Chance Animal Services. Like her namesake, Ivy loves to explore, but sometimes gets carried away. Ivy’s new family (kids over age 10 recommended) should be experienced dog owners with a yard with a tall fence, and willing to go for daily walks. Ivy […]