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Taxes take a big bite out of investment earnings. An important goal of successful investing, therefore, is maximizing after-tax returns. This involves both assembling the correct mix of assets and placing them in the right types of accounts. Since different investments and different types of accounts are taxed at different rates, how investors allocate assets […]
A modest but consistent savings program, combined with a prudent investment strategy, can yield astounding results when allowed to grow over a long period of time. This is the power of compound growth, and investors can harness it to achieve their long-term financial goals. However, in an effort to attract money from investors, some in […]
Why pensions are a thing of the past
In our last article, we discussed specific obstacles that can get in the way of securing a comfortable retirement. In this article, we’ll offer some solutions to help improve those chances. Fortunately, the study of the behavioral forces that result in poor decisions has enabled researchers to develop strategies to employ those forces to produce […]
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