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Is there really any doubt that anyone knows you better than yourself? So how do you talk to yourself without everyone thinking you are out of your mind? Simply go into your mind, via your dreams, and ask yourself how to help yourself in any situation, and you will find, through yourself, that you know […]
Lost your wallet? That’s a good dream
When in search for the truth in any given situation, you can count on your dreams to reveal it to you. Understanding the dream state’s purpose is essential. Your dreams have only your best and highest interests at hand when analyzing situations. The dream state is blunt — no sugarcoating. If you are heading in […]
Dreams of new beginnings and abrupt endings have been coming in for months and still seem to haunt many of us. The amount of dreams that I received in the last week alone indicate many are still uncertain of their future and are looking to dreams to help guide them. This is admirable in my […]