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Dear Bonnie: I have been waking up to the same number on my digital alarm clock. These numbers show up over and over again. I wake to 2:22. Is it the angels or my guides trying to tell me something? Help! It’s driving me crazy. — Gary Dear Gary: Yes to all of the above. […]
Dear Bonnie: I went to a public gallery to see a medium work. I came home feeling frazzled, as she went through the small group giving everyone messages. But these messages were not healing messages; she told one lady that her mother would be passing in two to three years and many more messages of […]
Dear Bonnie: Is everyone a psychic or have psychic abilities? I seem to have the gift of hearing what everyone is thinking. Are we born with this gift? And how can we use it for the good of others and ourselves? It is not always pleasant knowing what someone else is thinking, but it sure […]