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Candidate for Massachusetts state auditor and current state Sen. Diana DiZoglio, left, poses for a photo with U.S. Rep. Lori Trahan. (Courtesy Diana DiZoglio)
Candidate for Massachusetts state auditor and current state Sen. Diana DiZoglio, left, poses for a photo with U.S. Rep. Lori Trahan. (Courtesy Diana DiZoglio)

My name is Diana DiZoglio, and I am honored to serve as a state senator right here in the Merrimack Valley. I am running for state auditor of Massachusetts and will be on your Democratic Primary Ballot Tuesday, Sept. 6. I hope to earn your vote.

A little bit about myself for those who are not familiar with my background and why I am running:

My mother had me when she was only 17 years old. I grew up housing insecure, but cleaned houses and waitressed my way through Middlesex Community College right here in Lowell and Bedford. I worked hard and was able to earn a seat at Wellesley College — but only through a full need-based scholarship. I became the first in my family to graduate and fully recognize that without both hard work and the investments of others, I would not have had the opportunities I did. I know how important it is that investments made into state government through your tax dollars are taken seriously and used wisely — because local families work hard for a living, and every wasted dollar is another child’s future opportunity at risk.

Years ago, I served right here in Lowell at Girl’s Inc., and the United Teen Equality Center, helping to provide youth in our community with mentorship and a path forward. I then served as a state representative and now state senator. In my 10 years of serving the Merrimack Valley in an elected capacity, I’ve stood up to Beacon Hill’s insiders to open state government to everyday people — pushing for our region to have a voice. I’ve consistently challenged the power structure at the State House to be more transparent and accountable, successfully demanded oversight hearings of the MBTA, called for the Legislature to come back into session to get families much-needed tax relief, and consistently supported initiatives that support and protect working families.

From advocating for the health of the Merrimack River by creating the Merrimack River District Commission and passing legislation to combat CSOs, to fighting for resources for addiction prevention and treatment, to fighting for small businesses and passing legislation to increase support for our local schools and community centers — I’ve stood with local families.

As auditor, I’ll be the strong, unwavering government watchdog the Merrimack Valley needs and deserves. Right now, Massachusetts continues to be ranked by good government groups as the least transparent of any state government in the entire nation. Beacon Hill is exempt from public records laws, committee votes are not public, your taxpayer dollars fund non-disclosure agreements and protect politicians from accountability regarding harassment, discrimination and abuse — and power is centralized into the hands of a few.

Throughout my time at the State House, I have been an independent voice for our communities, standing up to address the lack of transparency, accountability and equity, while passing legislation to make positive change for families right here at home. That’s the kind of state auditor I will be: working to open up state government to everyone, shifting the balance of power back to working families who deserve to know how our tax dollars are being spent.

I will examine investments made through state contracting and state agencies impacting issues ranging from housing, education, and healthcare to transportation, economic development and beyond. I am grateful to earn the support of our Congresswoman Lori Trahan, our firefighters, teachers, nurses, Lowell Mayor Sokhary Chau, and many others locally who have graciously partnered with me to make government work better.

Our region needs a strong voice on Beacon Hill. As a senator, I have proven that I’ll stand up for the Merrimack Valley. I’ll take that good work to the auditor’s office with more authority to make meaningful change for all of Massachusetts — but I can’t do it without your support. I humbly and respectfully ask for your vote, the day after Labor Day, Tuesday, Sept. 6. Thank you!

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