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Letter: Tami Gouveia a reason to be excited about the lieutenant governor race

Letter: Tami Gouveia a reason to be excited about the lieutenant governor race
Letter: Tami Gouveia a reason to be excited about the lieutenant governor race

The lieutenant governor’s race does not generally instill great enthusiasm in the average voter, but this election year I am excited to cast my vote for Tami Gouveia, who has a doctorate degree in public health, for lieutenant governor.

I support Tami because I know that she will boldly fight for policies such as wage theft prevention legislation, housing investments, and fare-free subway and buses, to ensure that no person in our state is left behind.

As the 14th Middlesex District state representative, she has fought for our shared values by filing legislation to combat the opioid crisis, prevent and treat childhood trauma, solve our climate crisis, defend reproductive justice, ensure healthcare is a human right, and promote equitable access to rapid COVID-19 testing and vaccines.

As a mother, organizer, social worker, and doctor of public health, Tami knows that for too long, Massachusetts has faced an erosion of its social safety net, and too many of our families are being left behind. She is running for lieutenant governor to put the health, wellbeing and dignity of everyone at the heart of decision making, and her record and background make me confident that she can reinvigorate our commonwealth’s social safety net to once again “make public health a public good,” and offer Massachusetts a path toward a more just and sustainable future.

Tami has the expertise to get to work on day one addressing issues related to the pandemic and its effect on the workforce, exploring the impact of higher pay, better benefits, higher education debt relief, paid internships, and other incentives to recruit and retain folks to nursing, teaching, and human services fields.

She is committed to taking a comprehensive approach to the housing crisis, recognizing the need for housing that is accessible, energy efficient, and helps us meet our climate goals as our population ages. And Tami will continue to fight for transparency in Massachusetts state government.

I hope you will join me in working toward a healthy democracy that ensures belonging and inclusion by voting for Tami Gouveia on or before Sept. 6!

To learn more about Gouveia’s candidacy and her priorities, visit

— Dina SamfieldShirley

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