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Groton man named champion for camp for childhood cancer survivors


GROTON — Scott Barros of Groton has been named a 2022 camp champion for Camp Casco, a nonprofit organization offering free camps and socials for childhood cancer patients, survivors and siblings in New England.

Camp Casco’s Camp Champions program, presented by New England Applied Products, supports childhood cancer patients and survivors while taking on New Hampshire’s epic Presidential Traverse: a 23-mile hike reaching seven of the state’s 4,000-plus-foot summits.

Each champion has been tasked with raising $1,600, the equivalent of sending one child to camp for an entire week. While at camp, children who have been affected by childhood cancer get the opportunity to experience independence, take on new challenges and make friends with other kids who have been through similar challenges — all while being supported by a round-the-clock medical team and a 1-to-1 counselor-to-camper ratio.

After offering modified virtual programs throughout the pandemic, Camp Casco looks forward to welcoming kids back to camp in-person this summer. An elite group of 14 impressive athletes were selected from five different states for the group’s third annual challenge, each hiking in honor of an individual camper for summer 2022.

After a socially distanced inaugural hike in 2020, nine champions successfully took on the 23-mile challenge in June 2021. Thanks to the continued expansion of the vaccine program and keeping in mind local, state and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, the 2022 Champ Champions hike will return for a third year June 4-5.

“Our 2022 camp champions are taking on an enormous challenge of endurance and perseverance by conquering the Presidential Traverse in just two days. This is a trek filled with ups and downs, a challenge that is both physically and emotionally demanding. But if camp and our truly awesome campers have taught us one thing, it’s that even the hardest of journeys can be made easier with a group of friends by your side. I continue to feel humbled every day by both the incredible families we work with, and the camp champions whose support will allow us to bring our kids back to camp in person once again this summer,” Camp Casco CEO Erin Fletcher Stern said.

Barros is looking forward to taking on this immense challenge.

“I’m honored to be named a Camp Champion for the 2022 hike. I’m inspired by the mission of Camp Casco and sharing in the joy, spirit and energy of the kids we are supporting,” Barros said of becoming a camp champion.

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