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Lowell Summer Music Series names Carrie Randall as new director

Carrie Randall, the new director of the Lowell Summer Music Series.
Carrie Randall, the new director of the Lowell Summer Music Series.

LOWELL — It’s not quite the Mount Rushmore of event management jobs, but when Lowell Summer Music Series Director Kyle Rees departed to a private sector job, it left an opening atop the prestigious summer concert series organization.

Carrie Randall, the new series director, is just the seventh person to hold the position in Lowell Summer Music Series’ 31 years of existence. Randall has a degree in event management and has worked at the Lowell Summer Music Series for two seasons.

The Sun recently chatted with Randall via email about her experience, her love of the Lowell Summer Music Series and what she hopes to accomplish in the position. Here’s the questions and her answers:

Q: I understand you’ve worked with the Lowell Summer Music Series in the past. What can you tell us about that experience and how has it prepared you for this new role?

A: I am so honored to have this new role of series director. My first time working for the series was in 2019 as event crew, helping to prepare the park for the events. I was looking forward to coming back in 2020 but, unfortunately, we could not hold the series due to the pandemic. I was ecstatic to return this year for the 2021 season as a house operations manager, working closely with all departments of the series which was a huge help in preparation for this new role.

Q: How would you describe this new position? What are your day-to-day responsibilities and how will you and Peter Aucella work together to build each summer’s lineup of concerts?

A: The series director position requires one to be a jack of all trades. There is a lot that goes into the music series and my responsibilities range from contract management with artists and sponsors, ticketing operations, organizing staff and volunteers, general park setup, stage management, and loads more! Peter and I are looking forward to working with new and returning artists, creating events for the community and music lovers by lots of brainstorming and management communication.

Q: What’s the first thing you’re hoping to accomplish in this position?

A: The first thing I would like to accomplish in this position is to tighten our efficiency and organization with park materials and setup. There are always ways to make things go faster and easier. I also am looking forward to finding new and exciting things to add to the shows this coming season.

Q: Given all the challenges of the pandemic and everything else, what do you think is the most important key to your success in the new role?

A: There are a lot of important things that make a successful series manager, but I would say one of the key things is adaptability. Especially with the pandemic, managers everywhere have had their problem-solving skills tested, and it is important to be adaptable to any situation that may come your way.

Q: Do you get any input on which performers will be playing at Boarding House Park? If so, what’s your dream artist you wish would play there?

A: I wish I was cool enough to have input on which performers will be playing, but if I could pick an artist to perform, it would be Brittany Howard. She really rocks on the electric guitar and it would be a dream to see her at our intimate and unique venue.




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