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Don’t worry about that orb — it’s likely a spirit
Don’t worry about that orb — it’s likely a spirit

Dear Bonnie: I know you have talked about orbs in one of your columns, but I would like to ask you about different-colored orbs and their meanings. I took a picture recently, and there was a pink orb next to my daughter. It kind of freaked me out. Do I have any need to worry about her? — Jade

Dear Jade: Let me tell you a little more about orbs. An orb is a spiritual vehicle for a loved one, angel or guide, or spiritual being to move them from one realm to another. Most orbs are pure white. Most people see orbs in pictures and not with their physical eyes. Animals also can see orbs because they can also see the spiritual world.

Of course, we have dominance over the spiritual world, so there is no need to be afraid.

Truly, orbs are usually here to help us in some way or to bring us a message.

After that first column I wrote about orbs, people from all around the world started to send me photos and videos of orbs. One day, I was walking through my home while reading an email on my phone, and in my head I was thinking, “Orbs, orbs, orbs,” and in the corner of the room, way up by the ceiling, I saw two white round lights. As I looked on, those white lights started to move down toward me.

I gasped a little, and as I did, each orb broke open, and there were the faces of my mother and father, looking younger than when they passed, and they each had a big smile upon their face. I know they were saying, “See? Orbs are for real.”

So I did some more research and found out the colors of the orbs usually coincide with the colors of the rainbow, like the colors of our energy system called the chakras. This makes sense to me since we are all energy.

Just last week, I took a picture of a photo of my father and me that was hanging on the wall, and I posted it to Facebook. Soon after, people asked me about the round pink ball held tightly in my arms and asked if it was in the original picture. When I went to look at the picture I had posted, I saw the pink ball, and when I enlarged the picture, it showed me a small white poodle all snuggled up under my arm. That poodle was my mom’s poodle here on Earth.

So now I have seen a few colored orbs with spirits inside. I have not seen a dark-colored orb, but as I did my research online, I found that dark color to be the color of the root chakra, which is more earthy, so just another meaning and nothing to be afraid of.

So remember, if you are ever fearful of anything spiritual, say a prayer to God and the angels and ask whatever it is to go away. But if you’re curious like me, ask the orb who they are and what message they are bringing to you, because if it is from heaven, it’s a great message of love and hope.

I hope this answers more of your questions on orbs. If you’re seeing those bright white balls of lights in your pictures that you have taken during a wedding or birthday celebration, your loved ones want to let you know that when you are celebrating, they are right beside you.

Bonnie Page is a psychic medium and owner of Mystical Magical Marketplace and Messages from Heaven in Winchendon. She is available for a private session by calling her office at 978-297-9790. If you would like to have your question published, send an email to For more information, visit