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Different meanings for different dreamers
Different meanings for different dreamers

Your dreams are your guides to higher understanding. If given the chance, they will lead you wherever you need to go to acquire understanding of your current circumstances. The only issue is understanding the symbolism they use to relay the information you are in need of acquiring. This often varies from person to person, due to the individual emotional attachment we all have to certain people and situations.

However, there are some common factors we can apply to get the individual meaning. Your personal feelings toward any situation or person are how you determine what the dream means to you.

For example: Two people may dream of their mom. One may never have gotten along with her mom and never felt good enough; the other may have been very close to his mother and adored her.

These dreams may have very different meanings. Although mothers, in general, represent security, love and comfort, this is not how everyone gets to interpret a dream about their mom.

That being said, we need to take a common interpretation of the symbolism in the dream and make it personal to each of us.

Dear Dream Retriever: I had a dream about being attacked by unknown men in my house. What could be the meaning of this? — Kristen

Dear Kristen: Being attacked in your house indicates having uncomfortable issues in your home. The men signify knowledge, so the attack that is being done is through information that is being brought to you. All in all, you are about to receive, or recently received, some information that threatens your well-being. This is a warning to be on the lookout for an issue. Hope this helps.

Dear Dream Retriever: My mom was in my dream last night. I can remember she was trying to tell me something and I couldn’t hear her. I kept saying, “What did you say? What does that mean?” I was very close to my mom. She passed a year ago. — Siena

Dear Siena: Where in your life do love, comfort and stability need to be that they are not? If you can’t hear your mom in the dream, it symbolizes your inability to act on what you know.

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