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Don’t lose that number
Don’t lose that number

Dear Bonnie: I have been waking up to the same number on my digital alarm clock. These numbers show up over and over again. I wake to 2:22. Is it the angels or my guides trying to tell me something? Help! It’s driving me crazy. — Gary

Dear Gary: Yes to all of the above.

Spirit will use many ways to get a message to you. It might be your angels, guides or loved ones who want to let you know they are around you. It’s usually when there might be a challenge or something new coming up that they want to give you a heads-up on, or could even be just a hello from heaven.

Here are some numbers and their meanings, so if you keep receiving messages this way, you’ll know what your spirit team wants you to know. Remember, when you see the numbers, always use your gut instinct to see if they have more of a message for you. By using your sixth sense, you will connect on a higher level and create a conversation.

1 You are manifesting what you are thinking about, so be careful with your thoughts. The number 1 always means a new beginning, so look for a gift from spirit that is being offered to you now. Now is the time to make a wish and co-create with the divine.

2 — Twos are always about relationships. Time to pay attention to a relationship or partnership that might be needing your attention. We are happy in our lives when we are happiest in loving, working relationships. Think of the person who always has your back.

3 — Threes are about working together to bring harmonious outcomes. Spirit asks you to come together with people in your life and use your creativity to make things happen. It could mean two becoming three.

4 — Fours are things that are coming together to make a solid foundation for your dreams and desires. The angels are around you are helping you to manifest your desires and dreams.

5 — Fives are all about change happening around you. Be on the lookout for these changes so you can deal with them positively. These changes will have you headed in the right direction.

6 — Lots of harmony and balance around you at this time. The angels are there to celebrate with you now. You have overcome the challenges in your life and are now heading in the right direction.

7 — Look at the past to see the future. See what has worked and things and situations that have not worked out so well, and see what fits you now. Be aware that you are being guided in your choices at this time.

8 — It’s time to move forward, to manifest your dreams and desires. Prosperity in the things that mean the most to you are happening now. Ask help from those you trust to help with the manifesting. Happy times.

9 — Nines are about your dreams and desires that are there for you to attain. These are plans about to come to fruition and the angels bringing forth good news. You are almost there; keep working at growing your business, finances and relationships.

10 — Tens are about culmination and happiness as you have come to the end of a cycle and completion. Your spirit team is saying, “Good for you.” Your hard work and diligence have paid off, and the timing is right. You’re being surrounded with abundance in many ways.

I hope the meaning of these numbers helps you to connect to your spirit team and bring hope and joy into your life. We are never alone, so look for those signs around you.

Bonnie Page is a psychic medium and owner of Mystical Magical Marketplace in Winchendon. She is the author of “Ask the Psychic” and “Ask the Medium Next Door.” Bonnie is available for sessions by calling 978-297-9790. If you would like to ask Bonnie a question for her column, go to www.

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