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Recurring dream is driving daughter backwards
Recurring dream is driving daughter backwards

There are no coincidences when it comes to your dreams. If there is something you are missing or need to be reminded of that will help you in your current circumstances, you can count on your dream state to remind you to pay attention in any way it can. This is a good thing and can be helpful in many ways. The trick is to recognize what it is trying to remind you of.

Dear Dream Retriever: A few weeks ago, my daughter relayed that she recently experienced a recurring dream from her teen years in which she backs down our driveway right into our neighbor’s house across the street. That is quite a distance since there’s about 120 feet from the front of our house to the front of their house.

She hasn’t had this dream in many years and thought it unusual to have it again in her 30s. My daughter moved out of our house several years ago and is living with her husband. I assume this dream has a message for her since it has recurred again for her. Thank you on my daughter’s behalf for any insight. — Recurring

Dear Recurring: This most certainly is a message for her.

Your car is what symbolizes what drives you through life as well as where you are heading. Your daughter is at home, which represents her safe place. She is backing down the driveway, a sign that she is moving backwards at this time and away from her security. It also indicates that as she is going backwards, she feels out of control of a current situation.

This is a warning dream. Have your daughter pay close attention to any other details if the dream repeats again and write them down.

The crash into your neighbor’s door is a sign that this has something to do with her community and the people around her. Your neighbors represent your surrounding community and can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your actual neighbors. She is currently in a place where she is, or feels as though her life is, going backwards, and the crash into the neighbor’s house represents her feelings of a lack of support from her surrounding community or close friends.

She is in need of comfort and support right now and has not felt this way in some time, most likely since she last had this dream.

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