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Seeing 11:11? It’s a messager from heaven
Seeing 11:11? It’s a messager from heaven

I have been waking up to the alarm clock showing me the time of 11:11 on numerous occasions, and wondered what it could mean, so I did a little research. Keep in mind that the universe or God might be sending out these numbers as well, as loved ones who have passed, and they can have different meanings to different people.

It seems that these numbers, in particular, coincide with what’s going on in your thoughts and life at the time they pop up.

I’ll tell you a little about my story. One day recently, I had gone out and filled the bird feeders. I came back inside and was staring out the window watching the birds eat when a beautiful cardinal came. Now, I know they are a sign from heaven, so I said, “Hello, Mom,” and all of a sudden, a light that was not on turned on all by itself.

I am a medium, and these things still excite me but, being a little skeptical, I checked the connection and, sure enough, the plug had to be physically turned on for that to happen. It had not been.

I have a clock on my mantle that came from my mom that I inherited years ago that sits there just because it’s pretty. It’s an old-fashioned clock that you need to wind and set to get going, and I have never bothered to do any of that, though I do polish it now and then (and even that I hadn’t done in a while).

Well, I went to bed that evening and came into consciousness when I heard a voice telling me, “Something special is happening for you in heaven, and we are going to play some music for you.” I often hear voices in heaven, so I just smiled, but I opened my eyes to look at the clock, and when I did, 11:11 appeared. And then, out of nowhere, my mom’s clock in the living room started to chime.

But it didn’t stop there.

The next night, after being asleep for two hours, I was awakened at the same time — 11:11 — but this time my mom’s clock was playing a tune! I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen or heard it myself, but I did and I was amazed. I called my sister, who explained that my mom often gets in touch with her in the same manner.

Here is what I found out about the numbers 11:11, but there are many different opinions out there on what these numbers mean, so you might need to decide what they mean to you and where they fit in to your life.

God or the universe may be trying to send you the message that your thoughts are manifesting in the now and to be careful what you let into your consciousness. You are a spiritual being having a human experience and are the creator of your own time here on Earth.

These numbers are often looked at as “angel numbers” that give validation that they are close by while watching and guiding you on the path you want to create for yourself.

This is the time to picture big, exciting thoughts about how you can live your life and how you can make a difference to the world for future generations. Angels are God’s messengers, and they bring to you messages of hope to align you on your path.

When I first started to see the angels a few years ago, Archangel Metatron and his twin brother came to me with the message that God wanted me for something big, and soon after, I started to share my gifts as a medium.

These numbers tell you your angels are saying, “Take action now, for it is your time to create the life you choose for yourself.” Stay focused, and if you need to step away from the crowd or your friends for a time to stay in alignment with your purpose, it is OK to do so. Things are manifesting quickly, so be on your toes, expecting only the best for your life. Your dreams are coming to fruition.

Your loved ones in heaven can also be telling you they are close by and watching your dreams as they come offering support and telling you not to be afraid.

Go for it. This is what you have worked hard to achieve. Keep watching and paying attention. It’s your time to shine. Something special is happening in heaven — be ready for it.

Bonnie Page is a psychic medium and reiki master and owner of Mystical Magical Marketplace and Messages From Heaven in Winchendon. For more info, visit To ask her a question for publication, send an email to Call 978-297-9790 to schedule an appointment.