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Two Pepperell bridges tagged with white-supremacist graffiti

Graffiti representing a white-supremacist organization found at the Hollis Street bridge in Pepperell on Thursday, June 10.
Graffiti representing a white-supremacist organization found at the Hollis Street bridge in Pepperell on Thursday, June 10.

PEPPERELL — In the past month, police have received two reports of graffiti representing a white-supremacist organization on bridges on Hollis and Mill streets.

Deputy Police Chief Todd Blain said police first received a report of the graffiti on May 24 when it appeared on the Mill Street bridge. An additional report was made to police on Thursday when the graffiti also appeared on the Hollis Street bridge.

Blain said the graffiti reflects a symbol used by the Nationalist Social Club, with a membership chapter number according to the Police Department.

“They are believed to be a white supremacy/anti-fascist group from New England,” Blain said in an email. “Our research indicates that there are chapters of this group imbedded throughout the New England area. They actually have websites that are open to the public, which are designed mainly for recruitment. We received info nine months ago that there may be a member that had moved to our town, but this could not be confirmed. However, nine months later we are now seeing activity related to this.”

Prior news reporting shows that the group participated in the U.S. Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6, 2020, and was founded in Malden.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, the group uses graffiti, propaganda and harassment techniques to promote the false belief that they are fighting against a Jewish-controlled system deliberately plotting the extinction of white people.

Blain said police are “addressing the issue” but would not speak to specifics so as to protect the integrity of their investigation.

Anyone with information can contact the Pepperell Police Department at 978-433-2424.

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