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Not all medium visits are well done
Not all medium visits are well done

Dear Bonnie: I went to a public gallery to see a medium work. I came home feeling frazzled, as she went through the small group giving everyone messages. But these messages were not healing messages; she told one lady that her mother would be passing in two to three years and many more messages of doom. I came home feeling like my energy was drained. The medium told stories that did not resonate with me, and now I am carrying the fear of hearing those stories. I know she connected on some level, but that level did not feel like love to me. Can you explain this? — Jenn

Dear Jenn: I am sorry you had this experience with any medium. That being said, not all mediums are alike, as not all dentists or professionals are alike. For this reason, there needs to be trust between the medium and the client.

Like you would probably not trust anyone with your teeth, you should also not trust that any medium is professional and has the same level of ability and ethics.

A medium holds the keys between two worlds and brings forth important, loving information to you. Whether the message is from your loved ones or guides and the divine, the message should always be optimistic and for your highest good.

I always tell my clients that nothing bad will be delivered to them, as my purpose of bringing through clear messages is one of love and guidance. That’s how I do my work.

When one is looking to go to a medium, it’s best to do your homework and make sure the medium you want to see works in a manner that connects with your energy. There are all kinds of mediums, and you need to find the one you are attracted to, the one that would be best for you. Look up the medium you are interested in on Google, look at reviews, see if they have a Facebook page, visit their website, and find out how and why they do their work.

If they seem to have many good reviews and their practice seems to be thriving, you are probably looking at a medium that does good work and for the right reasons.

Many mediums spend a lot of money training with other top mediums to become the best they can for themselves and their clients. Look at the integrity that medium displays for the world to see. Unfortunately, just like any profession, some are not doing this work for the right reasons.

Next time be careful who you let put words into your mind because we have a hard time letting go of words that we are told. A good medium will send you away with the feeling of being loved and watched over from the higher side of life, which indeed is a blessing.

Bonnie Page is a psychic medium and reiki master and owner of Mystical Magical Marketplace and Messages From Heaven in Winchendon. For more info, visit To ask her a question for publication, send an email to Call 978-297-9790 to schedule an appointment

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