Jackie Bryson
Jackie Bryson

As far off from one another as these two dreams may seem, they are delivering the same message.

Dear Dream Retriever: I have two dreams to discuss.

The first dream is about my husband, who passed away in 2019. He came up to me with a man I know and introduces him to my husband, and my husband said, “Yes, I know him.” Anyway, my husband looked so cold. His cheeks and ears were red, and he had his dress coat for winter on and told me he didn’t make it and I told him I know. I came home from work and found him. I don’t know why I couldn’t speak to him in his ear. I regret that to this day. He was my world and the life of my heart. He passed away from a massive heart attack.

My youngest sister had breast-cancer surgery a year ago. (She’s doing fine.) In my second dream, I was sitting at my sister’s table with her and my husband. Her oldest daughter, my niece, came into the kitchen and asked her mom, “Did you tell them I have breast cancer?” My sister told her to put a bra on, and my niece left. — NH

Dear NH: The description of your first dream is a little confusing at the beginning, when you speak of your husband talking to your husband. This is what I got from it: Your husband introduces a man to your husband, and your husband knows him. He then says he did not make it and you acknowledge this. A husband represents security, love and stability, so that is what your dream is about — you and your ability to move past what you know you have to. You describe him in winter attire and looking cold, which says you are preserving him, so to speak, and not letting go.

The second dream validates the first dream. Your sister represents the love in you that is still alive, and your husband the love you have lost. Your sister tells your niece to put on a bra, which indicates the part of you that is alive and wants to just cover up the feelings and avoid the facts.

You need to process this and find a way to move past it without regrets.

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