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Meditation is best way to get to know your spirit guides
Meditation is best way to get to know your spirit guides

Dear Bonnie: I heard we have spirit guides in heaven, and I am trying to find out how I can connect with them. I would also like to hear a name if that is possible. How can I meet my spirit guide? I feel like I have help on the other side, but I would like to know how to connect and know when my spirit guide is near and if they are always watching out for us. — Chrissy

Dear Chrissy: Every one of us has a spirit guide assigned to us before entering the Earth plane. This guide was chosen as the perfect guide for teaching and bringing us through the lessons that we have decided our soul would learn during our time here on Earth, what lessons would expand our minds and souls, becoming more and more advanced in our enlightenment.

You have heard the saying, “He is an old soul.” It usually refers to a person who seems to have a “knowing.” They have been on their journey for many lifetimes. Our souls reincarnate many times until it is decided between us and the higher powers that we have learned all our lessons, but that usually takes many lifetimes.

Your spirit guides are tightly bonded with you, making your time here as comfortable as your road can be while at the same time not stepping on your toes, as you have your own free will. If your path feels like it has been more bumpy than smooth, it could be that you chose more challenging lessons to learn, or you might not be listening to the help that is there for you from your guide and your heavenly team that is trying to assist you.

How can you hear your guide better? Meditation is the number-one way to connect with your higher self and team that is with you always. Meditation doesn’t need to be complicated or ceremonial; it can be as easy as finding a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. The key is to quiet the mind, taking out your thoughts and leaving nothing but a blank screen. Some like quiet while others play soft music; it’s really what works best for you — going out in nature, sitting on a rock or under a tree, wherever you can find peace.

Others receive information easier if they are doing an active meditation, something that keeps you busy but at the same time does not take any active thinking. Going out for a walk or dancing around your living room could be the way you can connect. I know when I am vacuuming, lots of ideas seem to flood my mind.

I have learned to say thank-you to the higher power, knowing these thoughts that come into my mind are not my own but those of my guides. If you would like a closer relationship with your guide, set an intention of meeting your guide and letting them know you are ready to listen to their divine guidance. As you take the time to meditate, ask your guides to join you, as you have more than one.

If you can set aside some time each day, your guides will be happy to have this time with you, even if it’s five minutes. It’s like making a date with your guide. As you begin to meditate, ask your guides to show you how their presence feels when they come close, and then wait for a feeling as they step into your space. It might take a few times to feel the sensations or vibrations that will be your spirit guides’ calling card, but it will be so worth the wait.

If you want an intimate relationship with your guide, this time is needed to let that bond happen. The sensations, as they come closer, might feel like goose bumps, your heart pounding or just a feeling of peace. Don’t try to rush it; let the feelings come naturally.

This is a way to start feeling and connecting to your guide. Besides a sense of knowing your guide is near, you might receive a picture or scene in your mind’s eye or even a thought or voice inside your head. As you get used to calling in your guides, you will become aware whether these are your thoughts or your guides getting a sign to you.

It takes time to build up a relationship with your guides, so be patient.

When you feel comfortable knowing your guide is by your side, start asking questions you would like them to answer. Ask them to give you a name, and you might just hear one. It’s really the feeling of knowing when they are close that is important. They might not come that day but be on the lookout, and your guides are sure to be sending you signs.

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