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Jackie Bryson
Jackie Bryson

Sometimes we don’t need a lot of information from our dream state; we just need to be able to interpret it. This is the case in many of our dreams when we remember just bits and pieces of the dream and it seems senseless.

Dear Dream Retriever: I was adopted by my aunt and uncle on my birth father’s side. I had a dream that my dad, who died in 2016, came back to life. He came walking in the building in just his boxers but had clothes in his hands. He was a little younger than when he died. He told me he was coming to help Mom. Then another family member came back but I can’t remember who it was. I do remember saying, “If any more people come back, they had better be with Jesus!”

What does it all mean? — Adopted

Dear Adopted: Thanks for the background information; it helps to know your situation. However, you did not say if your mother is still alive or if you are a religious person. So I am going to make some assumptions and go from there.

Your father is a representation of several things. He is a man, which signifies knowledge or masculine energy. Being your father, he also represents authority, protection and trust. So he walks into the building in his boxers with clothes in his hand. If we are in our underwear, we are exposing ourselves to the public. So this information coming to you will expose some information to you that you are unaware of.

He says he is coming to help your mom. A mother signifies support, love and guidance. It is feminine, or creative, energy — what you do with what you know. That tells you that the information will support what you do with what you find out.

Next, you say another family member came back but don’t know who it was. That means someone else will verify the information you get, and it will be someone from your past. You then say if anyone else comes back, it better be Jesus, and that would indicate that you are spiritual, if not religious, and that anyone who comes forward to add information better be honest and have your best and highest interest in mind, like a savior, or Jesus, would.

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