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Why won’t mom let her secret out of the bag?
Why won’t mom let her secret out of the bag?

Ignoring your messages in a dream is probably not a good idea. Your dream state of consciousness serves to let you in on what is going on in your life. If you have physical issues, emotional blocks, financial issues, relationship questions or any problems in your life that need clarification, you can count on your dream state to point it out to you.

Dear Dream Retriever: I have been dreaming about my mother the last few days, and I believe she is hiding something from me in a big way. I can’t confront her due to the fact that I am dreaming this and don’t have any other reason to think it.

In my dream, I am in the car and parked on the side of the street in front of my mother’s house. She walks out the front door with a bag in her hand and when she sees me, she quickly turns around, puts the bag in the house and walks to the car. I ask her what was in the bag and she says, “What bag?”

Then, I am at the mall and she comes in, and as soon as she sees me, she turns to leave. I don’t remember the rest of that dream.

Next, I am in the kitchen and I hear my mom on the phone. I walk into the living room, and she quickly hangs up. I ask her who she is talking to and she said, “No one.” — Antsie

Dear Antsie: You dreams of your mother ignoring or avoiding you would certainly be disturbing and I can understand that.

You are sitting by the curb waiting for her, and she hides a bag from you. This indicates that you are waiting patiently to get to the bottom of this and understand what is going on. The bag represents what you believe is being hidden from you.

The mall represents your interpretation of what is going on, and you believe even her friends mean more to her than you.

Then, in the kitchen, which represents where we get knowledge, you hear her talking on the phone, and she hangs up and tells you it was no one.

These all signs that your relationship with your mother is not one that is very close to trusting. Not that your Mom is hiding anything — it is more about you and your feelings and how you are feeling ignored by her.

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