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Discussing dreams with friends, family may bring insight
Discussing dreams with friends, family may bring insight

I will always believe that we are not only aware of our dreams and what they mean but that we discuss them with our friends and family due to our connection to them. By doing so, we are able to obtain insight as to what is going on in their lives. Sometimes, by chance, when we discuss our dreams, we can obtain insight on the value we have to others by how we our represented in their dreams.

Dear Dream Retriever: Within the past week, my two friends both have had dreams of me dying. They both had these dreams a couple days apart in the same week, and just last night I had a dream that I was pregnant and giving birth to a baby boy. I could see his face, and it all felt so real. Could you tell me what this means? — Seanan

Dear Seanan: The dreams your friends had about you were not about your life. They are dreaming of relationships or situations that are coming to an end, and you represent what this means to them.

I would tell them that a relationship they value (which I assume is what you represent to them) is coming to an end. This is not uncommon these days for this to happen. I would remind them that for a new beginning to happen, something has to end, and this is not necessarily a bad thing but sometimes necessary. You can add that the new beginning could be exactly what they have been waiting for.

The dream you had is about you and your life, although these situations may be connected. By this, I mean that a new baby represents a new beginning. As I said before, you can’t have one without the other. A baby boy is a representation of what is coming to you and that is knowledge. A boy or masculine energy represents knowledge, while girl or feminine energy represents creativity or what you do with what you know.

So that being said, you are going to receive some information that is going to enable you to start something new. You also said you saw his face, and it felt so real. This is telling you that you are expecting this to happen but are having a hard time believing it is really going to happen.

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