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When you make a decision to change your current habits, it’s going to be reflected in your dreams. You can, and should, expect dreams of encouragement and validation. Whether you recognize this or not deeply depends on your ability not only to make the connection to your living situation, but also to understand how your dream state relays these messages.

Dear Dream Retriever: My life has been so hectic lately, I wouldn’t know where to start to describe the last few months. My dreams have been strange and, truth be told, I only recently began to remember my dreams. Now I am a dreamer — who knew? I have researched online and can’t seem to find a dream that would relate to this, so I thought I would write in and see what you think.

In my dream, I am sitting in my hairdresser’s chair and looking in the mirror. I am the only person in the room, whereas there are usually several other hairdressers and clients. My hairdresser walks in and she asks me if I just want a trim, as I always do. I say yes, and she starts to cut my hair. I suddenly get up from the chair and tell her I would rather do it myself. I then take the scissors from her and grab all my hair, which is about 2 feet long in the dream, and cut it off in one snip. I then am walking around with this ponytail of hair showing all sorts of people randomly. — Diane

Dear Diane: I can see why a dream like that would stay with you. Apparently, you are making some drastic changes to your current lifestyle.

You start by looking in a mirror with no one else in the room. This symbolizes that the dream is about you and how you see yourself. At first, your hairdresser comes in to cut your hair and when she starts, you get up and tell her you would rather do it yourself. This is important because these are the only words spoken in the dream. You’re telling yourself you are taking control of your life. Then, you actually do it and are showing random people what you did.

This dream is validation that you have made the changes you have been trying to make and are proud of it. Congratulations!

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