1A Auto ranked 5th in Newsweek for Best Online Shops
1A Auto ranked 5th in Newsweek for Best Online Shops

PEPPERELL — Rick Green, CEO of 1A Auto, is proud to announce that the Pepperell-based auto-supply company has been ranked No. 5 in Newsweek’s Best Online Shops 2021.

About 1,000 online shops, across 39 categories, were ranked by Newsweek for seamless ordering, clear, well-designed websites, and responsive customer service.

“Our business is designed to serve DIY customers,” Green said. “We have made ordering easy and the installation of parts clear to understand with over 9,000 do-it-yourself that help our customers. We have a knowledgeable customer-service department that can be called when questions need to be answered or issues need to be resolved. I’m proud to be ranked so high, yet we always strive to be number one.”

Green and his brother, Mike,  founded 1A Auto in 1999. Since then, 1A Auto has become the largest online auto-parts retailer. Starting as a fledgling company that sold parts out of a small family garage, 1A Auto has transformed into the high-tech, online, aftermarket, auto-parts retailer it is today.

The Green brothers’ mission is to empower people and provide them with the solutions to accomplish their own auto repairs.

The 1A Auto team has built the largest internet-based library of how-to videos in the industry, and the company has more than 1 million YouTube subscribers and more than 1 billion video minutes watched.