Always trust your instincts when interpreting your dreams because no one knows you better than you. I have to applaud the following dreamer for not taking the common meaning as the meaning of her personal message meaning. This dream is a perfect example of a personal message easily misinterpreted.

Dear Dream Retriever: I almost never remember my dreams. I had one the other night that was very memorable.

I was standing in the middle of a highway, on the median between the north and south lanes. I didn’t see any sign of what highway, but in my mind I knew it was 495. As I was standing in the middle, I know I was looking southbound. Right in front of me, a little to the left, was a deer. In front of me, slightly to the right, was a coyote. Just behind me, to the left a little bit, were more deer. I woke up with fright because I didn’t want the coyote to chase the deer into traffic, but I was also afraid the coyote would run into traffic if I scared it. Just the fright of possible animal deaths woke me right up.

I thought that because of where I was — right in the middle of the highway — that I might have a decision to make. I don’t have anything going on in my life, so I’m not sure.

Wondering what your thoughts are. — Donna

Dear Donna: Thank you for writing in and being open to another interpretation.

Being in the middle of a highway tells you a decision needs to be made and now. The right side of you represents what you know (masculine energy), and the left side of you is the creative force (feminine energy) and what you do with what you know. So what you know is, a decision has to made be made between what you know — involving a deer, which could symbolize spiritual awakening — and what you have been experiencing — involving the coyote, which symbolizes lack of ambition or using trickery as a means of progress.

The dilemma preseis this: You are on the fence on going forward and want to keep these two parts of you but you need to make a choice.

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