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From left, owner Olga Kwasniewski, nurse Cara Hahn and sylist Vanessa Lavin
From left, owner Olga Kwasniewski, nurse Cara Hahn and sylist Vanessa Lavin

“They are the champions my friends. And they’ll keep on fighting till the end. … They are the champions of the world.” (Apologies to Freddy Mercury and Queen)

The Z-List honors and pays tribute to today’s real champions, Whole Beauty Salon and Spa in Newton.For the months of May, June and July, these beautiful champions provided free hair and facial services to first-responders and frontline workers.

The effervescent Olga Kwasniewski of Holden, is a talented local businesswoman, as well as a well-known and respected fashion director, model, actress and owner of Whole Beauty Salon and Spa. Olga’s heart was breaking every time she saw the exhausted faces of health-care workers, police officers and other first-responders as they described their day of fighting for every single life impacted by COVID-19. So the queen of beauty, touched by all those courageous champions’ daily actions, decided that she and her salon would donate their services, honoring her community and caring about those who so courageously are taking care of others.

Vanessa Lavin styles the hair of nurse Nicole Cabral.

Kudos to the caring Vanessa Lavin of Boston, a lead hairstylist at Whole Beauty Salon and Spa, for tirelessly providing free haircuts every day for three months and beautifying our champions.Olga, always uplifting and inspirational, said, “If each of us will start with a small token of kindness and compassion, we can win any battle. As Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’”

Thank you, Olga, for all your words of wisdom and excellent pictures.

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