For those of you that have written in with questions unrelated to dreams, I would like to say I have no issues with this (although it may take a little longer to respond). For those experiencing temporary chaos in your dream state where there used to be understanding, I ask you to be patient and work with your delta state (dream state) and try to increase your meditation time to incorporate the increase in energy. Daily reminders of this are necessary.Our dreams will use any means to get our attention. If chaos surrounds you, only you can stop this. Chaos has no conscious, and calm will always prevail. If you are not paying attention, those whom you have trusted — deceased loved ones, siblings, cousins, etc. — would be the first to help you in your dreams.

Dear Dream Retriever: Any idea why my dreams have gotten so chaotic and I can’t seem to remember anything anymore? I do see my mom often but no idea what she is saying. Some help — Cheryl

Dear Cheryl: My advice would be to try and find a way to create a less chaotic state in your waking life and to practice relaxation techniques before retiring for the night.

Your mom represents maternal instincts so I know you’ve got this. What may be happening is that you are losing faith in your ability to control your current life situation. The reason you can only remember mom is that all you need to know right now is to trust in your instincts for now.

Dear Dream Retriever: I dreamed of my cousin, who passed last August, and in the dream, she gave birth to a baby boy. What could this mean? — Metro

Dear Metro: I am sorry about the loss of your cousin. When we dream of a relative who has passed, it is important to focus several things. One is your relationship with your cousin when she was alive, and the other is the message.

The relationship defines your trust in what the messenger is bringing to you, and the other is the meaning. The message is that she is telling you to trust the new information that has recently been brought to your attention. If you had a trusting relationship with her, I would take this to heart and whatever information you recently received that you may not have believed is true.

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