Debbie Lafond, children’s librarian at Lunenburg Public Library, holds a heartfelt message to her library patrons and shows off some of the new items available for curbside pickup.
Debbie Lafond, children’s librarian at Lunenburg Public Library, holds a heartfelt message to her library patrons and shows off some of the new items available for curbside pickup.

LUNENBURG — “Yay, its finally summer,” says Debbie Lafond, Lunenburg Public Library’s children’s librarian.

“We made it through another school year and what a year it has been!”

The staff at the Lunenburg Public Library, 1023 Massachusetts Ave., has totally revamped their summer reading program for this year and hope you find it as fun and exciting as they do.

“We have two different ways for you and your family to participate — as a Beanstacker or a Paper Logger,” explains Lafond.

For families who have challenges with computer access or are choosing to be technology-free for now, you are the Paper Loggers.

“Let us know if you need a copy of a reading log, and we can arrange for you to pick one up,” Lafond says. “If you need more copies, just let us know, we’re happy to supply them.”

Enter the title of each book your child reads, or is read to, on a paper log. Also write how many hours you have spent reading, as one hour equals one ticket.

At the end of the program, let the library know how many hours your child has spent reading and staff will provide raffle tickets for each hour.

“By the way, guesstimates are fine,” Lafond says.

Raffle tickets can be used to enter a raffle for one of four great Book Bag Prizes. The more you read, the more tickets you get — a great incentive for your readers.

“At the end of the four-week program, let us know how many tickets your child has earned and which of the four different prizes they are interested in and we’ll take care of the tickets for you,” Lafond says.

You can let them know via email at or by phone at 978-582-4140, ext. 17, and we can  arrange for you to pick up a packet that will include information about the program and copies of reading logs.

On to the Beanstack Users.

“We are so excited to be able to offer this program to our patrons,” Lafond says. “We want to first thank the Friends of the Lunenburg Library for making this possible.”

Beanstack is a website and app that serves as an interactive home for reading challenges and events.

“It’s your one-stop shop to not only register for challenges, but to also track your reading habits and unlock badges,” adds Lafond.

Badges earned also earn raffle tickets, with one hour of reading equaling one badge, or one ticket. These readers also can choose from four Book Bag Prizes.

Beanstack is easy to use and available both online and as a mobile app. Interested families can get started by visiting the Lunenburg Public Library’s Beanstack website at create your account. You can also register through the app.

The staff at the Lunenburg Public Library is also excited to offer other activities throughout the summer.

“Weekly craft activities will be posted via Facebook and YouTube, along with scavenger hunts, family cooking adventures with some secret ingredients tied to some great fairy tales and, of course, the summer reading challenge for the whole family,” says Lafond.

The staff at Lunenburg Public Library is happy to be able to help the community with the summer reading program and other activities at the library.

“We have all had to adjust — and readjust — to so many new ways of doing things,” says Lafond. “We miss seeing all of you back inside our beautiful library, choosing from our collections of current and new items and catching up on what’s new. Stay safe everyone and keep reading!”

The library is offering curbside pickup so browse their catalog and put your choices on hold. Then reach out to the library staff at 978-582-4140 or email Lafond at to get your items.

For more information about what’s happening this summer for all ages, visit