Lowell Police Officer George Asamoah chats with Oumou Diallo, 16, and Kimesha Lewis, 14, at his booth at Lowell High School during the opiate forum sponsored by the Zack’s Team foundation in 2015. They asked him why it was bad to take medicine if you are not sick. Asamoah, who has served with Lowell Police since 2006, is now facing criminal charges in connection with a domestic incident involving his children. Sun/JOHN LOVE

PEPPERELL — A Lowell police officer charged with assault and battery of a child was released from Ayer District Court on personal recognizance on May 29.

George Asamoah was arrested at a Pepperell residence on May 29 after a child known to him told police she was “whipped by a belt” several times on her arms and legs, according to court documents.

Police reported seeing “pinkish red” marks on the juvenile’s forearms. Two witnesses reported seeing Asamoah hit the child.

At the scene, Asamoah denied “anything physical” taking place, court documents show. Police noted the defendant was “understanding and cooperative,” according to a report.

Asamoah was arraigned later that day on charges of assault and battery of a child with injury, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Judge Tejal Mehta ordered Asamoah’s release on personal recognizance. His next court date is scheduled for July 15.

Asamoah graduated from the Lowell Police Academy in 2006, and was recognized as the first African-born man to have graduated from the academy. He was hired at the department on June 4, 2006. His annual salary is $75,000.

Police Superintendent Kelly Richardson said Asamoah has been on paid administrative leave since his arrest, per department policy.

Richardson declined to discuss the case. He did say Asamoah, who works patrol on early nights, has a clean personnel record.

Attorney Nina Lewin, who represented Asamoah on May 29, declined to comment on the case Wednesday.

Asamoah has previously worked as the department’s safety officer, engaging the public to spread safety tips and other information at events like National Night Out.