PEPPERELL — The COVID-19 business shutdowns have negatively impacted businesses across Massachusetts and the nation, and 1A Auto has had its own challenges but met them through perseverance and unique business strategies.

Frontline employees adhered to COVID-19 guidelines, and management worked with staff and business partners to streamline expenses and transitioned to a work-at-home business environment.

With a focus on helping its customers and local communities, Pepperell-based 1A Auto’s business came back. Now, 1A Auto CEO Rick Green has decided to reward the team by issuing a bonus to all employees, based on their salary to date.

“I’m uncertain of how many businesses are in a position to give a bonus at this difficult time, but based on the hard work and results from our employees, I felt it was an obligation to give something extra back,” Green said. “Our employees treat our customers like family every day. Putting a little extra in their paychecks during these difficult times was what I felt I needed to do, and without question they earned this bonus.”