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Fear-based dreams are the new normal until we get over them. Facing our fears is necessary for us to rid ourselves of them. There is really no other way, and you can’t avoid it, skip it or expect to evolve with it. Our dream state is often aware of what we lack in terms of healing before we are conscious of it.

Dear Dream Retriever: I don’t know if there’s any point in this email. But here goes. My Nan died in January, and I have not really come to terms with it. Anyway, last night I dreamt that my Nan was pregnant and she was in labor but she had to have a C-section. Afterward, she was jumping all over the place and not being careful with her stitches. We left her and the baby next to my Nan’s bed and went home. The day after, my mom and sister and I went back to see them, but none of us would dare go up in case the worse had happened. Then I woke up.

Do you think there is any meaning in this dream or could it just be a random dream? — Lauren

Dear Lauren: Your Nan has passed but is still with you, and I believe this dream is a message from her. She realizes that you have not quite come to terms with her loss, which is a loss of love. But love is real so you can never lose it.

In your dream, she is pregnant, which symbolizes new beginnings, and gives birth (the hard way) but is fine — in your eyes a little careless but not worried. Here, her message is that a new beginning may be difficult but not to worry because all will be fine. The message behind you, your mom and sister arriving at the hospital but being afraid to go in points out your fear here as well, and that is that although you have creative support (your mom and sister represent this), you are still afraid to go forward or move on.

I am not sure that this is about coming to terms with your Nan’s death. I would be more inclined to say this is about restarting your life and the fears you have. Nan is coming to you to remind you of that.

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