Rather than feed into the fear that seems to be surrounding so many of us right now, I would like to shed some light on it.

The last two months have created a mass consciousness of fear and doubt on just about every level imaginable. This was a conscious attack on the masses, created by the masses, to rid ourselves of that which keeps us from our reality of our real self. However, it was necessary in order to get our attention. Isn’t it the call to action that creates the reaction? Are you paying attention now?

The question we all need to ask ourselves is, What is our greatest fear?, and decipher where that fear came from and face the reality of it. Fear is based on the unknown, and once you know, the fear no longer exist.

Thought creates, so everything you see was thought of before it manifested, therefore we know we can create. This includes our realities, our beliefs and our limitations. The most powerful weapon the ego has is fear, and that limits us from our limitless selves — fear that we are undeserving or, worse, incapable.

The time to face our fears has come, and fight-or-flight is not an option any longer. We, as a society, have had so many lights turned on for us, we no longer have an option of living in the dark, nor do we choose to.

If you knew you could create your reality, what would it look like? Face that which holds you back and start anew. There has to be an ending in order for there to be a new beginning.

Dear Dream Retriever: I had a dream about a deceased loved one, and I was getting ready to have a baby. What does that mean? — Confused

Dear Confused: Every new beginning has to follow an ending, but for every ending, there is a new beginning.

Dear Dream Retriever: I had a dream of a newborn baby (1 day old, if that) dying. The baby said something like “Live your life mommy,” or “It’s going to be OK, Mommy, I love you.” Can you tell me what that means? — Looking for Understanding

Dear Looking for Understanding: Aren’t we all? Your dream indicates an abrupt ending to something you barely got started. This dream is encouraging you to go on and try again and that you know love will prevail.

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