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We all have an overwhelming need to connect right now, and as we all know, we were not meant to be alone. That being said, the word alone may require a temporary revised definition, as in “all-one.” What I mean by this is that when you send a question out to the universe, it answers that question. It is our universal connection that delivers the collective intellect answering us: We are never alone.

Dear Dream Retriever: I am having a serious issue during this pandemic. I see the isolation-type dreams published the past few weeks, and this is a huge issue for me as well.

Mine is more of a bug-type dream, so one question is: How do I relate it to the loneliness I feel right now? The other is that I write questions, as suggested, but can’t remember if I get an answer. I remember fragments of the dream and can’t connect them to the questions.

In my dream, a caterpillar is crawling on my arm and I freak out because I do not like any kind of bug. When I scream, my dog jumps up on the bed and I fling the caterpillar off my arm and onto the dog. He starts going nuts trying to get it off him as if he is really afraid of it. Then, all I remember is a swarm of butterflies around my bed. This is not comforting at all.

My questions: Is my house going to ever sell? Is this pandemic going to end before my scheduled trip to Spain? Is my daughter’s wedding going to happen this summer? — Transforming

Dear Transforming: Simply put, you are confusing yourself with too many questions at once. They can all be answered, but give yourself one dilemma at a time to address.

The dream states exactly that. The caterpillar is a sign of transformation from one thing to something grander and more beautiful with the ability to now fly. The dog is a representation of loyalty and trust, and it is startled by the current events. The dream ends with butterflies, which are the best you can ask for if you are caterpillars.

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