Following public plea for help, Pepperell family experiences loss of matriarch

Mary Lindermuth was 75

John E. Lindermuth of Pepperell, right, and his son John D. Lindermuth of Washington, D.C. outside the family home in Pepperell. John E.’s wife (John D.’s mother) needs kidney dialysis, and the family only with great difficulty recently found a transport service to take her, that would allow her to stay at home instead of a hospital or nursing home. At home, she can look out the window from her hospital bed in the family room and see this view out the window and watch the ponies and other farm animals. (SUN/Julia Malakie)

PEPPERELL – After fighting for transport for their matriarch, the Lindermuth family suffered a tragic loss several days ago.

Mary Lindermuth passed away on the morning of Monday, March 9 at age of 75.

According to her family, Lindermuth was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease last August and was being treated for kidney failure before her death.

Her husband, John E. Lindermuth, and their six children struggled to find full-size stretcher transportation for Mary in February in order to make her first week of dialysis treatment at DaVita Kidney Care in Nashua, N.H. They eventually found the American Medical Response ambulance company in Nashua at the end of last month, with plans for her to receive dialysis in Nashua until home treatment was set-up for her.

J.D. Lindermuth, Mary and John’s son, said on Wednesday that he and his family were able to get Mary to her dialysis appointments “a couple of times” last week, but the process became “too much” for her. J.D. said Mary asked her family if she could remain at their family cottage behind John’s work space at Preventive Veterinary Medicine Clinic on Maple Street.

“All of us are doing the best we can right now,” J.D. said.

She is survived by her husband, six children and twelve grandchildren.