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Just as common as symbols are, so are many sayings within society. “Pie in the sky.” “As American as apple pie.” “You reap what you sow.” And so on. Like symbols, our dream state recognizes our affiliation with these sayings and associates messages with them.

Dear Dream Retriever: I have been doing very well in my business that I opened last spring, and you and I had discussed this many times prior to my opening. Looking back at the articles you have published that I have seen, as well our emails. I couldn’t find anywhere you address common sayings. A dream I had recently left me with several common sayings in my head the whole day. I don’t recall hearing them in the dream, but I woke with them ringing in my head.

In my dream, I am at a conference and there are hundreds of people there. I am walking around from table to table, talking to people, but do not recognize any of them. I am wearing an amazing gold dress and being complimented on it. All the time, I have a brownie in my hand and I am eating it as I walk around. I then am in front of a dessert table, but there are only apple pies. My focus is not on the conference or the people but on the desserts and the fact that there are only apple pies. Next, I am at in a stadium and I am on the field. At first, no one else is there but people start to come in and I notice a group of young boys in baseball uniforms sit in a front row. They are as excited as could be, and I remember thinking about the ”high hopes” song I learned as a kid. — Anonymous

Dear Anonymous: I am so happy for your success. You have worked hard to get where you are. I am not concerned that you are overindulging or that you are unappreciative of what you have. On the contrary, I have received your emails since your opening, and your dreams reflect just that.

You walking from table to table in a gold dress symbolizes success and intelligence. The brownie in your hand is the presentation you brought forth with your introduction, and it was sweet. The little baseball fans are your confirmation that dreams do come true. Congratulations!

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