Man arrested after allegedly trying to rob Pepperell pharmacy

Christopher Shuttle tried stealing prescription meds

The wooden club Pepperell resident Christopher Shuttle had while trying to rob the Pepperell Family Pharmacy on Thursday

PEPPERELL — A local man was arrested by police on Thursday night after they say he tried to rob the Pepperell Family Pharmacy.

Police Chief David Scott said that Christopher Shuttle, 30, told pharmacy employees around 7 p.m. on Thursday that he had a firearm and wanted prescription medication. When police arrived at the scene, officers found Shuttle behind the counter taking drugs. Police said Shuttle supposedly became “agitated,” picked up a large wooden club he had brought in with him and moved towards Sgt. Tom Maskalenko.

The sergeant then fired his stun gun at Shuttle, though it wasn’t effective due to the accused wearing multiple layers of clothing, police said.

Detective John Coburn noticed this and then tackled Shuttle, causing the club to fall out of his hand. Shuttle was then arrested.

“This was a dangerous situation where our officers used tremendous restraint and risked bodily harm to safely apprehend this subject,” Chief Scott said.  “I commend these officers on a job well done.”

Shuttle was originally charged with armed robbery, but that was reduced to unarmed robbery in court. He’s also charged with resisting arrest. He was arraigned in Ayer District Court on Friday after being held overnight and pleaded not guilty to both charges. He was ordered to pay $1,000 bail and have GPS monitoring on him. He’s due back in court on April 9.