Police confiscate drugs and cash from Pepperell mobile home

Trailer park has been subject of debate at Board of Heath meetings

A collection of drugs and money seized in the search of a trailer in the Suburban Village mobile home park.
A collection of drugs and money seized in the search of a trailer in the Suburban Village mobile home park.

PEPPERELL – Police seized multiple drugs from a trailer in the Suburban Village mobile home park on Maple Street Wednesday morning.

According to a press release from Chief David Scott, officers from the Pepperell, Littleton, Fitchburg and Massachusetts State Police departments executed a search warrant at the trailer.

According to neighbors at Suburban Village, police searched trailer Unit 33 in the southern part of the park.

Police seized under 20 grams of fentanyl, over five grams of crack cocaine, over 54 grams of marijuana, multiple pills of Xanax and a small amount of LSD. A little under $1,500 in cash and other items were also taken by police.

No one was in the trailer when the search occurred. At least one resident of the trailer could be charged with three counts of possession of a Class B substance with the intent to distribute, one count of trafficking in more than 10 grams of a Class A substance and one count each of possession of Class C, D and E substances, all with the intent to distribute, according to the release.

“I want to commend Detective John Coburn and all of the other law enforcement personnel involved in this investigation and execution of the search warrant,” Scott said in the release. “Drug dealers have no place in Pepperell and the teamwork between our officers and the multiple other agencies involved helped to remove a significant amount of dangerous drugs from our town.”

As of Friday, Pepperell police were not able to release further information on whether an arrest from the search was made or identify the resident of the trailer to be charged.

A resident of Suburban Village, who lives near unit 33 but did not want to be named, said on Friday neither he nor other park residents knew the people living in Unit 33 very well. The most recent interaction he had with someone from Unit 33 was an incident last December, when he saw a dog running up and down the street unsupervised before it stopped in the driveway of that unit. The resident said when he tried to approach the dog and see what was wrong, a woman emerged from the trailer to pull it back inside.

“On this block, everybody knows each other,” the resident said. “We didn’t really know those people.”

Another resident, who lives in the trailer next to Unit 33 and wished only to be identified as Rick, had security cameras that showed the police arriving at the trailer Wednesday morning around 8:55 a.m. and staying for about 45 minutes. Rick said he also had security footage of two people leaving Unit 33 to get into a car and leave at around 8:25 a.m. that same morning. He added that he believed a man and a woman moved into Unit 33 sometime last summer.

“I talked to the woman once,” Rick said. “They kept to themselves.”

Suburban Village is one of two mobile home parks in Pepperell owned by Fairlane Homes, the Lunenburg-based mobile home corporation. The park has been the subject of controversy with the local Board of Health over concerns of park permit renewals and alleged health violations not addressed. Board member Grover Pillsbury and Suburban Village resident Jackie Bryson both filed Open Meeting Law violations against the board stemming from arguments over Fairlane in the last few months.