Pepperell Christian Fellowship celebrates renovations

Local church touches up headquarters

The Pepperell Christian Fellowship headquarters on Main Street

PEPPERELL – Christmas is over, but the Pepperell Christian Fellowship will soon be celebrating something else: more space.

The local church’s headquarters at 17 Main St. were recently renovated, a project that the will be celebrated with a dedication ceremony on Saturday at 1:30 p.m. with an open house following from 2 to 4 p.m.

According to Stephen Witmer, lead pastor of the church, the fellowship building was built in 1904 by Waldo Spaulding, president of Pepperell Card & Paper. The historic house was used as a nursing home for many years before the fellowship purchased the building in 1992.

Witmer said that, because the fellowship’s congregation grew over ten years, the fellowship built a new sanctuary building in 2002 with the Spaulding building serving as an educational space.

“As our congregation has continued to grow and to increase our focus on serving the community of Pepperell and the surrounding region, we’ve realized that a major renovation of the Spaulding building was necessary,” Witmer said. “We’ve been actively planning for this renovation over the past several years.”

Construction started last spring and concluded at the end of 2019. Overseen by Peter Andrews General Contracting, the work involved combining the fellowship’s two buildings with a covered deck, an external lift and interior elevator so that attendees can access the entire structure.

The Spaulding house also received improvements, including a new interior, new roof, new windows and a new room at the front of the building.

Witmer said the building will be used for educational events, community activity and church functions.

“We’re thrilled with the final result,” Witmer added. “The newly-renovated building maintains the historic look and feel of the Waldo Spaulding house. This is important to us, as it continues to root us in our local community. The renovation also meets our needs as a congregation, allowing us to serve our community and to welcome visitors more effectively.”