Pepperell officials approve permit transfer for local kennel

Dayglyn Kennels get town approval for new owners, new septic work


PEPPERELL – Town officials have approved a proposed change in ownership for a local dog kennel, with the current and possibly-future owners now left to follow through.

Alicia Miller joined Angela Howells, one of the co-owners of Dayglyn Kennels on Cranberry Street, back in front of the Board of Selectmen on Monday to continue the discussion of transferring Howells’s special permit to Alicia and her husband, Derek.

Angela and her husband Colin are looking to transfer their commercial kennel permit to the Millers in an effort for the couple to take over the business while the Howells enjoy retirement.

Since the last discussion of the permit transfer on Nov. 19, the Millers submitted their business plan to the selectmen and the Board of Health. The main talking point of the continued hearing in front of the selectmen was the kennel’s septic system and how the waste of the cats and dogs Dayglyn serves would be disposed. Miller proposed installing a Powerloo system, essentially a small toilet that can be buried outside and connected to a septic system for proper disposal of animal waste.

“I called around to a couple of day cares, some had it and some didn’t,” Miller said. “The ones that did have it said it was the best investments that they ever made. I think that’s better than a dumpster or putting it into plastic bags which don’t dispose well I’m actually very excited about this product.”

Howell said that she and her husband have had no problems with their current septic system.

Deb Fountain, an abutting resident, also told the board that she has had no previous problems with the kennel in the past.

Board member Joe Radwich made the motion to approve the permit transfer, which the rest of the board unanimously approved.

“It seems like all the boxes were checked at the last meeting,” he added.

The Board of Health also approved a permit to upgrade the kennel’s septic system during its meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 10.