Event proves Nashoba Valley takes recycling seriously

11th annual Recycle Your Reusables event brings in more attendance

SHIRLEY – Residents from around Nashoba Valley can know they made great efforts to be more environmentally-friendly this fall with the success of the Recycle Your Reusables event.

Sponsored by the Ayer Recycling Committee, the 11th annual event took place on Saturday, Oct. 26 at Bemis Associates Inc.’s World Headquarters on Bemis Way.

Attendees brought in reusable products and distribute them among guest nonprofits depending on the make of the product. Those products include electronics like laptops and air-conditioners, household upholstery like mattresses and dressers, and other random items like tires and Styrofoam.

Laurie Sabol, chairwoman of the committee, said in an email on Wednesday that attendance to the event went up 41 percent from 2018 with 510 cars visiting. Donations were accepted by residents of 54 towns, a 38 percent increase from last year.

Sabol noted that nearly 10 tons of material were collected instead of being tossed in local landfills. Those materials include 1,060 pounds of batteries, 850 pounds of latex paint, two tons of textiles, 2.12 tons of scrap metal and 400 pounds of Styrofoam.

Sabol and the committee extended their gratitude to the 85 volunteers who helped at the event, along with other sponsors including the Bull Run Restaurant, the Devens Enterprise Commission, the towns of Groton and Townsend.

Sabol added that the committee will not be hosting a Recycle Your Reusbales event next year, saying that she’s using the time to put together a single-use plastic bag reduction bylaw for the Town of Ayer. She hopes to bring this law before Ayer’s Fall Town Meeting next year.