Shirley’s new trash and recycling bins delivered this week

SHIRLEY – A huge yellow Penske truck has been making the rounds this week, distributing brand new trash (black) and recycling (blue) “toters” emblazoned with the town seal to households identified as participants in the town’s new curbside pickup program, in effect as of Oct. 1.

Although the drop-offs were initially set for the last week in September, a production glitch at the factory caused a delay, Town Administrator Mike McGovern announced last week.

Tuesday morning, McGovern said the process was well underway, with 300 toters delivered Monday and completion anticipated by the end of the week.

However, since pickup days vary by neighborhood and your toters might not arrive in time, his previous advisory still stands, McGovern said. That is: if you don’t have toters but expect them, it’s okay to use town trash bags this week. The hauler will still pick them up, he said.

Otherwise, residents with toters can put them at curbside for pickup, per directions on the lid.

And if the end of the week rolls around and the toters haven’t arrived, call the Town Offices at 978-425-2600 to resolve the problem. The same goes for unwanted deliveries, he said.