Don’t give up gun rights

The push for extreme risk protection order laws across the country, however well-intentioned, threatens to undermine several constitutional protections. In the rush to “do something” about acts of violence committed with firearms, legislatures and citizens have become far too willing to trade rights essential to our freedom for the perception of increased safety. The loss of our constitutional freedoms for even a minimal amount of time without just cause is unacceptable.

The rights enshrined in our constitution were insisted upon by people who had experienced firsthand the rule of governments without those protections. The gross disregard for these rights as revealed in recently passed ERPO’s across the country is disgusting. The people passing feel-good legislation —  arrogantly dismissing the protests of those who still believe in the significance of due process, the right to face your accuser, the right to keep and bear arms, and the right to counsel — should have no place near the levers of power.

The debate over the cost and benefits of exercising our rights is over. Short of constitutional amendments they have already been debated and decided since 1791. “The Constitution is not a document ‘prescribing limits, and declaring that those limits may be passed at pleasure.” — Marbury v Madison.

To empower an already out-of-control judiciary with the tools to bypass constitutional protections, on a case-by-case basis that an individual may pose a danger to himself or others, is anathema to a free and just society.

Dan MonsonAyer