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Jury trial set for former Townsend selectman

Cindy King will face a jury for assault charges

Cindy King, a former selectman for the Town of Townsend, in Ayer District Court.
Cindy King, a former selectman for the Town of Townsend, in Ayer District Court.

AYER — Cindy King will soon face a jury of her peers on charges of assault and witness intimidation.

King, a former Townsend selectman, had her jury trial date set for Nov. 4 in Ayer District Court on Wednesday by Judge Margaret Guzman. The 62-year-old was accompanied by her attorney, John Dombrowski, in court around 11 a.m.

Both King and Dombrowski offered no comment on the trial date being set.

Court documents detail the incident that led to King’s arrest on Feb. 16 at her home on West Elm Street. King was charged with one count of assault with a dangerous weapon, one count of assault and battery on a family member and four counts of intimidation of a witness. She pleaded not guilty to all charges.

King allegedly threw things at and punched her wife, Carrie Sharik, on the night of the incident before locking herself in her bedroom. When police arrived at the house to arrest her, she refused to leave her room and had a knife in her possession. She was eventually taken into custody before threatening the arresting officers with repercussions.

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