FITCHBURG — For violating the conditions of his release, a Townsend man charged with his fourth  offense OUI was ordered held without bail for 120 days, according to court documents.

Robert D. Bonner, 50, of 85 Turnpike Road, Apt. 1, was charged in early December 2018 for OUI by officers with the Lunenburg Police Department.

When booked, Bonner refused a blood alcohol test, which resulted in an automatic suspension of his driver’s license, according to court documents.

On Dec. 10, a dangerousness hearing was held in which Bonner was found dangerous but released with several conditions, including remaining drug and alcohol free and to wear a SCRAM device, which is an electronic device that can detect the use of alcohol.

On July 12, it was reported to the court Bonner had tested positive for a banned substance and a warrant for his arrest was issued. It was recalled when Bonner appeared in court on July 18 and he was given notice he had violated the terms of his release and ordered held for 120 days, according to court documents.

He will eligible for release on Nov. 11.

Bonner’s next court appearance is scheduled for Aug. 23.