.com has a new look

Lowellsun.com is sporting a new look.

Our recent change in publishing system platforms means we’re able to upgrade the appearance of the site, and vastly improve the time it takes to load pages. We think the new lowellsun.com is crisper and cleaner, and will make it easier to find the news you want to read. We hope you agree.

You’ll notice bigger changes if you follow us on the lowellsun.com app, or on a tablet. The new design is reactive, and pages will fit more easily onto whatever screen you’re using. There’s no need to download a new app.

These changes also open the door for new projects, such as newsletters and podcasts, so watch for updates.

If you are a print subscriber and haven’t yet set up the digital access included with your subscription, you can do so at https://checkout.lowellsun.com/

Tom Zuppa is Senior Editor of The Sun. What do you think about the new web design? Contact him at tzuppa@lowellsun.com