Bill Biswanger, Outdoors writer

The water is about as warm as you’re going to find it anywhere in New England right now. Boston Harbor is at 76 degrees and Newbury is sitting at 72. But the bath water is Cape Cod Bay, where 80-degree water is now found. And remember who loves this water: great whites. These beasts have been reported from Maine to Cape Cod chasing fish and those beloved gray seals here by the thousands.

Salt water:


Off-shore fishing is great. It’s time to head out and fill the freezer with pollock and haddock. New Hampshire, Newburyport and Maine charter boats are doing very well and Bob Koener and Jim Barackais of Dracut went out and caught their limits. Stripe bass are up the Piscataqua River taking bait fish and clams. Portsmouth has mackerel scattered and pogies, too. The Merrimack mouth has a bluefish caught here, but it might be hearsay. More needs to be caught. Pogies are all over the region so bass and blues will be happy to chow down.


Bluefish have made their arrival under schools of menhaden but there are not the huge schools of blues that were here 10 years ago. Stripers are eating well, hook a pogie and then let it free swim back to the school, just watch it get nervous and then hold on. Bass are at Deer Island, Egg Rock, Hull Gut, Thompson and Revere Beach at the circle. Don’t overlook Lynn Harbor to Marblehead.


The canal is again giving up some nice fish at first light. Also fish bait on the bottom. Try swim baits on top for the occasional big 30-pounder. Blues are moving in. South Cape around Monomoy is seals if you want to take a tour with some great whites in the area also plenty of schoolie bass. Blues are in the area to eight pounds. Cape Cod Bay has whales around P-Town where there is plenty of bait and the stripers and blues are there. A man reeling in a blue this week only ended up with a head when a shark nailed his fish. Tuna are off the south cape.

Fresh water:


The carp love warm water and there are plenty of them in the Merrimack. Use a small doe ball, bread, potato or corn to entice these fighting fish. One local angler has invited me for a trip and I will let you know how it turns out.


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