• Courtesy Joanna Reagan

    Gerry Cooper, and activities director Cheryl Balkan

  • Courtesy Joanna Reagan

    Garden Club members, from left, Joanna Reagan, Dianne Kazanjian, Linda Bisbo and MaryAnn Hagan



PEPPERELL — Every day of the week one will find many seniors enjoying the activities, programs, or lunch at the Pepperell Senior Center. But there is a lot going on behind the scenes too.

Volunteers are busy in the kitchen helping Chef Dennis prepare delicious hot healthy meals daily. Gerry Cooper the “tech man” can often be found giving private lessons about cel phones, computers, iPads, or helping the staff with any computer problem they may have, or up grading the computer system to help the center run smoothly.

Nancy Lebedzinski enjoys volunteering her time teaching folk dancing. Members of the Pepperell Garden Club maintain the lovely flower beds. Marsha Slater teaches art classes and conducts the choirs.

All these helpers did not go unnoticed. The staff took time out to thank 168 volunteers with a special dinner, cooked and served by volunteers from the Faith Worship Center and an evening of appreciation. Volunteers help the center run smoothly and every one of the 204 volunteers enjoys doing his/her special job. Dianna Homoleski, part-time volunteer coordinator, warmly greets each one by name to make them feel special.

At this year’s celebration 12 local sponsors donated 39 gift certificates which went to the volunteers who had the most hours. It was no surprise that Gerry Cooper had donated 605 hours. Special recognitions went out to volunteers over the age of 90. Men received a beautiful crown and the ladies a lovely tiara.

The staff of the Pepperell Senior Center presented Town Administrator Andrew MacLean with a “check” for $116,515 which was the amount the volunteers saved the town by donating 8,785 total hours. The volunteers love helping. The more they help the more fun they have.

The Pepperell Senior Center has a great deal to offer and classes are often attended by non-seniors. They welcome guests from all towns. The calendar of events is full of activities for everyone to enjoy. The center is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you are interested in volunteering at the center, contact Dianna Homoleski at 978-433-0326.