Name your Facebook account ‘executor’

Question: I still get Facebook updates from deceased friends. It is a nice way to memorialize and share good memories.

I would like my family to uphold this tradition, but what if they can’t log into my site, after I die?

Answer: Facebook allows its users to appoint a post-death administrator of their accounts. This person will act like an executor, gaining control of your Facebook page after the death of the owner.

Before introducing this concept, Facebook had no post-death policy. The company would require a court order appointing an executor, in order to provide access to an account of deceased user.

Facebook user settings can be adjusted to appoint another individual as a “legacy contact.” They won’t get complete authority over an account, though.

A legacy contact will be able to update a memorial page, download photos and posts, and, strange as it may seem, respond to new friend requests. Private messages will not be accessible.

Consider visiting your account settings to make this appointment.

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