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Townsend resident Linda Vincent, center, with daughters Jenna, left, and Mary, right.
Photo courtesy of Linda Vincent
Townsend resident Linda Vincent, center, with daughters Jenna, left, and Mary, right.

TOWNSEND – Linda Vincent will be spending part of her summer getting some sun and some exercise by trekking through parts of New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

As a bonus, she’ll also be helping raise money to support victims of domestic violence.

The 57-year-old Townsend resident, originally from Chelmsford, will join other women participating in the annual Wilderness Heals fundraiser from July 19 to July 21. Vincent will hike parts of the White Mountains to raise awareness and money for the Elizabeth Stone House, an organization offering housing and support services to adult and child victims of domestic violence.

Vincent said on Monday that this will be her first time participating in the hike after hearing about it from a friend.

“We wanted to spread more awareness about the Elizabeth Stone House and its services,” Vincent said. “It’s a great outlet that lets people know you don’t have to feel trapped in bad situations.”

Vincent said she has already participated in a training hike in Orange, New Hampshire, which all of the participants have to do before the actual trek. Participants also have to raise $1,500 which go to the event’s total fundraising goal of $200,000. While the openings for hikers have closed, people looking to support the Elizabeth Stone House can donate funds to support hikers or groups in the hike.

Vincent noted that the $200,000 can go to the organization offering more activities for families in need. This would go with Elizabeth Stone House’s services of housing, counseling, family support and classes on finance and parenting. As of Tuesday, the fundraiser has reached $160,734.

First established in 1974, the house was meant to be an alternative to institutionalization for women suffering from mental illness. The house eventually opened a transitional housing facility in Roxbury and then a Parent-Child Center in 1997. The organization is currently raising money to open a new building to expand its services to over 2,000 people annually.

Though Vincent said she hasn’t met the other participants in the hike, she’s sure she’ll make some new friends.

“I think everyone has been touched by the organization and what the services offer,” she said.

Jon Winkler: MrJW595 on Twitter